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Corpus Christi Best Land And Construction Loans

Finding reliable financing can be a major roadblock for men and women that want to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities, a roadblock that our team can remove with our Corpus Christi best construction loans.

From flipping homes, to new construction projects, all these projects require access to necessary capital. Here at Capstone Capital Partners, we provide private, direct Corpus Christi land and construction loans that give you the cash you need.

We are short-term, hard money land loan lenders in Corpus Christi TX that provide a loan process that is:

  • Funded by our network of private, accredited investors. We compile information about you and your project into a loan summary, and shop it around to our network of investors so that they can choose whether or not to take a capital position.

  • Fast and streamlined. To provide the best construction loans in Corpus Christi TX, Capstone Capital Partners took a common sense approach to this process. This means no excessive legal red tape or paperwork — just a simple process that helps you secure the money you need to fuel your real estate project.

  • Supported by our dedicated in-house servicing team. Our land and construction loans in Corpus Christi TX are not just a faceless transaction. Our team wants to work closely with you to learn about your financing needs and equip you with a loan program that will ensure your project is a success. We invite you to leverage our decades-worth of combined knowledge and experience.

In an effort to provide the Corpus Christi best construction loans, Capstone funds our loans in stages, which helps to lower your net effective interest rates. Plus, we provide a quick draw process — much quicker than your typical hard money lender, meaning, cash is always at your fingertips.

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