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Corpus Christi Commercial Hard Money Construction Loans / Lending

Here at Capstone Capital Partners, we work with a wide range of clients that are embarking on real estate investment projects, including our Corpus Christi commercial hard money loans, which provide the needed financing for clients to acquire, flip or build a hotel.

In areas like Corpus Christi, the hotel industry, and commercial property, can be very lucrative ventures. In order to fund a successful project, though, you need the right Corpus Christi hard money construction loans.

Here at Capstone Capital Partners, we have issued over $500 million in financing since opening for business. The men and women that service our commercial hard money construction loans in Corpus Christi TX are industry veterans.

You will benefit just as much from the knowledge and experience in your corner as you will the funds that come with our Corpus Christi hard money construction lending.

Gain quick, convenient access to Corpus Christi commercial hard money loans

Working with traditional lending institutions like banks and credit unions can be a bit of a challenge. Not only is the application process cumbersome and turnaround times for loans can take months, there are often instances where real estate investors are unable to qualify for the necessary financing.

That’s where our Corpus Christi hard money construction loans come in handy. By providing direct, hard money loans, we are able to qualify clients that otherwise might not have access through a bank or credit union. That’s because we use the value of your real estate as collateral and provide you with a short-term form of financing that comes with manageable, interest-only payments and flexible terms that can be tailored to fit the needs of your project.

Take advantage of leading hard money construction lending in Corpus Christi TX

The first step in securing Corpus Christi commercial hard money loans is getting pre-qualified, which you can do through our online application. Next, consult with one of our team members and let’s talk about your financing needs. From there, we can equip you with the proper financing for your project.

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