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Corpus Christi Investment Property Loans

Here at Capstone Capital Partners, we invite you to learn about our Corpus Christi investment property loans and how you can put them to good use to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities.

As long-time providers of Corpus Christi investment property financing, we know your needs and we’re ready to meet them with our financial products. We offer a wide range of loan programs, but tend to find that our hard money, direct investment property loans in Corpus Christi TX are most advantageous for real estate investors.

When a client is looking to purchase a property to renovate, rehabilitate, resell or rent, they need a few things out of their investment property financing in Corpus Christi TX.

  • Quick cash. When it comes to thriving in a competitive real estate market, it always helps to have nearly instant access to capital. With Capstone, you are a very brief process away from accessing property investment funds in Corpus Christi TX. We provide instant pre-qualifications, a streamlined application process and fast closings.

  • Short-term loans. Our Corpus Christi investment property loans are geared toward short-term borrowers, but they come with flexible underwriting. That means that our team is able to learn about your financing needs and craft terms that make for an effective loan.

  • Financing that is easy to qualify for. Not every person that pursues real estate investment has sterling credit. With our Corpus Christi investment property financing, we only look at the value of your real estate and use it as collateral. This allows us to finance clients that would otherwise not have luck with traditional lending institutions.

You are probably on the hunt for affordable financing, too. Capstone funds our loans in stages — we don’t make you draw the full amount and pay interest on it, even when your project comes to a standstill. This drives significant savings for you as the borrower.

Explore Capstone Capital Partners and our Corpus Christi investment property loans by connecting with our team right now.

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