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Corpus Christi New Construction Lenders

Capstone Capital Partners serve as private Corpus Christi new construction lenders that are ready to lend to you on first lien mortgages. In fact, we work with all types of clients that are looking to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities.

While these opportunities often can prove profitable, they’re only accessible when you have quality Corpus Christi construction loan lenders in your corner. When traditional lending institutions are unable to provide you with the capital you need, turn to Capstone for streamlined construction lending in Corpus Christi TX.

How it works

Working with our new construction lenders in Corpus Christi TX is easy — we strive to provide quick access to capital at favorable terms and competitive interest rates. It all begins by filling out an application, which will probe your:

  • Creditworthiness
  • Feasibility
  • And, the equity and value of the property

This information is packaged into a loan summary and shopped around to our extensive network of construction loan lenders in Corpus Christi TX. These seasoned, knowledgeable lenders are able to hand select which projects they are interested in getting involved with and reserve a capital position within them.

Once lenders are on board, we’re able to process and close the loan. Our Corpus Christi new construction lenders benefit from this innovative business model just as much as borrowers.

In fact, our network of Corpus Christi Construction loan lenders are able to take advantage of attractive yields, a loan fully collateralized by real estate and monthly returns.

Whether you want to join our network of Corpus Christi new construction lenders, or are in need of a quick, favorable form of financing, the team at Capstone is ready to work with you.