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Dallas Commercial Hard Money Construction Loans / Lending

With the right Dallas commercial hard money loans, you will have the financial power to cash in on a lucrative real estate investment. Hotels located in the right places can be a great investment and the team at Capstone Capital Partners wants to give you access to this, and other commercial property, opportunities.

We specialize in Dallas hard money construction loans, in addition to financing for a wide range of other real estate projects — home flipping, land acquisition, residential development and a lot more.

With our direct, hard money loans, we’re able to provide the short-term financing that our clients need and, in many instances, aren’t able to get from a bank or credit union. By using your real estate as collateral, it allows us to lend to even those that might not have stellar credit worthiness.

Leverage our Dallas hard money construction loans

Whether you have found a hotel that you are looking to purchase, or you are planning another commercial property project, the team at Capstone Capital Partners has a financing solution that will suit your needs. We have an extensive network of private, accredited investors that fund our loans.

This is also Dallas hard money construction lending that comes with flexible terms, allowing our team to work closely with you to determine your needs and then develop the optimal form of financing for you individually.

Dallas commercial hard money loans that provide access to quick cash

Capstone Capital Partners is such a great resource for commercial hard money construction loans in Dallas TX, taking a common sense approach to lending. Our application process is streamlined (i.e. minimal paperwork) and we close on loans quite quickly.

When your loan is processed, draws take only two to three business days. With our hard money construction lending in Dallas TX, you will find quick access to cash.

Thank you for considering Capstone Capital Partners and our Dallas commercial hard money loans. We invite you to get pre-qualified for financing online or connect with our team to discuss your needs!

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