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Dallas Home Renovation Loans

If you are someone that intends to buy, renovate and sell/rent a home, then we invite you to apply for a Dallas home renovation loan through Capstone Capital Partners. We are leading hard money lenders that work closely with a wide range of clients that are looking to seize on profitable real estate investment opportunities.

Flipping houses, or fixing them up to rent, can be very lucrative, but it’s only possible when you have a solid source of Dallas renovation lending. You can apply at a traditional bank or credit union, wade through the sea of paperwork and still risk being denied, or you can take advantage of Capstone and one of our remodeling loans in Dallas TX.

Why apply for a home renovation loan in Dallas TX through Capstone Capital Partners?

Hard money loans like the kind available through our renovation lending in Dallas TX are a highly effective way to gain access to short-term capital at a fairly affordable price.

Capstone’s Dallas remodeling loans are funded by private, accredited investors. We shop your loan request around to our extensive network and these individuals are able to pick and choose which projects they would like to take a capital position on.

With our in-house servicing team, we are able to provide a fast, easy draw process that allows you to have quick access to the needed cash via a Dallas home renovation loan. Also, with our staged funding program, you are able to pay interest on only the money you draw so that you can enjoy the benefits of lower net effective interest rates.

Work with leaders in Dallas renovation lending

With a hard money loan from Capstone Capital Partners, you will likely be able to cover all the expenses tied in with your renovation project, allowing you to work through projects efficiently.

Get started with the Dallas home renovation loan process – you can do so online and get pre-qualified.

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