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Fort Worth Hard Money Lenders

Put leading Fort Worth hard money lenders in your corner to provide you with the financing needed for your upcoming real estate investment project. Here at Capstone Capital Partners, we work with a long list of commercial property investors, who are embarking on projects that range from flipping a single house to developing commercial property.

As hard money lenders in Fort Worth TX, Capstone provides a form of financing that stands as a superior alternative to loans that come from a traditional lending institution, like a bank or credit union. Here’s why.

  • For starters, you don’t need perfect credit to gain access to financing from Capstone. We use your property to back the loan. When you work with banks as your lenders in Fort Worth TX, any blemishes on your credit report could disqualify you from the needed financing.

  • Capstone offers quick access to your cash. Our loans are funded by a network of private investors. Since we are a direct lender, we close all loans (quickly) in house and eliminate the legal red tape that comes with borrowing from a bank.
  • Competitive rates and fees. As Fort Worth hard money lenders, we’re very honest about the fact that hard money loans come with higher interest rates than a bank loan. Still, we limit your net effective interest through a staged funding approach to your loan. We also provide competitive origination fees. Our financing might be more expensive than a bank, but it’s more affordable than a partner.

We are hard money lenders in Fort Worth TX that want to see our clients succeed and meet the goals they had for their real estate investments. We boast and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a portfolio filled with successfully funded projects.

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