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New Braunfels Commercial Hard Money Construction Loans / Lending

If you need financing for a hotel investment project, then New Braunfels commercial hard money loans may be a suitable avenue to explore. Loans for these purposes can come in many forms, but here at Capstone Capital Partners, we believe that we provide an ultra-convenient and effective form of financing.

Experience our no-nonsense approach to hard money construction lending in New Braunfels TX

Capstone Capital Partners works with a long list of clients that are looking to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities — whether that project includes flipping a home or building a hotel from the ground up.

  • Our private, direct New Braunfels hard money construction loans are funded by our network of accredited investors.
  • We work with clients of all walks of life. Just because you don’t qualify for traditional financing from the bank or credit union doesn’t mean you won’t be able to leverage our New Braunfels hard money construction lending.
  • These short-term commercial hard money construction loans in New Braunfels TX are set up with interest-only payments. Clients will see lower than normal net effective interest rates on our loans because we fund our loans in stages. This means we don’t force you to draw the full amount when you don’t need it and pay interest on that money.
  • Our headquarters is in Austin, but we finance projects that are located in Houston, New Braunfels, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding major metro areas.

The application process for New Braunfels commercial hard money loans is simple and quick and Capstone boasts an in-house servicing staff that is responsive to your needs.

Consult with Capstone Capital Partners about New Braunfels hard money construction loans

The right New Braunfels commercial hard money loans can make your project a success. Leverage the decades of combined knowledge and experience on staff at Capstone Capital Partners and secure favorable, short-term financing for your project.