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San Antonio Hard Money Lenders

Welcome to Capstone Capital Partners, trusted San Antonio hard money lenders that are ready to provide you with the funding you need to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities.

Real estate investments come in many forms. Some men and women have taken on home flipping as a form of income while others have committed to larger scale projects, such as new construction and commercial property development.

Whatever your project might entail, we’re ready to serve as formidable hard money lenders in San Antonio TX.

What we do

As your lenders in San Antonio TX, Capstone provides private loans that are funded by our network of independent investors. Because we close on all loans in house, paired with the fact that they are private, you are able to benefit from a streamlined application and approval process in addition to quick access to your cash. You don’t need perfect credit, either.

As hard money lenders, we boast quick, easy draws and staged funding on your loans, which help to lower your net effective interest rates.

Are hard money loans better than bank loans?

Hard money loans will always be more expensive than bank loans. As San Antonio hard money lenders, we’re very upfront about that fact. However, bank loans can come with a slow, arduous application process that requires mountains of paperwork.

Plus, you need nearly perfect credit to secure financing through a traditional institution like a bank. When the bank is not an option — and it isn’t for a large portion of real estate investors — hard money lenders in San Antonio TX like Capstone are a great resource.

At Capstone, we know the needs of real estate investors and we have tailored financing solutions that meet those needs. Secure financing for your project with one of the leading San Antonio hard money lenders by applying online right now with Capstone Capital Partners.